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Terms of Service.

WebSitePlan is compromised with the Community and wishes to offer a service of excellence. For that reason our rules are clear and severe. We tried that your Internet experience be the best one.

Payments will be per advanced periods. The lack of payment will cause the suspension of the service and the elimination of the content in the stipulated space.

Client will have one month of test period for the asked service. During that month he will only pay us$1 for administrative expenses.

Therefore, the client will not have right to any reclamation. Nor still in the case that client resigns to the service before the end of his arranged period.

Client who has made use of the test month, will not be able to subscribe any other test service for a year. If Client decides to adopt a plan, it will be to normal values, by a minimum period of three months, and accepts, the type and quality of the service, since he has proven it.

Client will have to transact licenses and costs of programs installation, previous to installation, or ask it to Technical Support

Client can ask free installation of three programs per month. Surpassed this amount, he will have to pay us$5 each additional installation.

Client can change plan at any time, paying the difference between his existing plan and the new one. In case of existing difference in favor of the client, the amount will be deducted of his next invoicing.

All new service that client takes, is at his own risk. There will be no return of money by any concept.

Domains management does not include payments that have to make by the acquisition or transfer of such ones.

Client is the only person in charge, of the content in his contracted space. As much of data integrity, like of the author rights, copyrights, and non allowed uses, in these service conditions.

The space WebSitePlan grants the client cannot be used to host child pornographic, political, or religious content, files with virus, worms, or files that can produce damage, and/or subjects that are prohibited in origin countries. It is not allowed the use of massive emails (Spam), and activities related with computer science piracy. WebSitePlan will suspend all site that, in his solely opinion, has non suitable or doubtful content, having the client five days to modify it. In other case, account will be cancelled, without any compensation.

Any controversy generated will be solved in opinion and criteria of WebSitePlan, unsatisfied client can present his resignation. The client who wishes to resign the service, will send an email to Technical Support, explaining the reasons for his resignation and indicating complete name, and subscribed plan. WebSitePlan will solve the case in five days.

If site's content is adult oriented, the client will have to ask for authorization to Technical Support, before uploading the content.

In order to maintain a service of excellent features, the client will have to respect certain limits. In this sense, the limit of CPU use, is set in 1%, 3% of daily memory, 8 processes running simultaneously, 15 CPU seconds, like limit of a process duration, and data bases, with 8 simultaneous users.

The attempt of violation of the network security, or any WebSitePlan system, will be sufficient to initiate civil and criminal legal actions against the violator. WebSitePlan will define, opportunely and solely, the corresponding jurisdiction, the client resigns, from now, any jurisdiction that could correspond.

Client must pay the corresponding taxes.

WebSitePlan is compromised not to give any information relative to his clients, to third party not involved with security organisms, and/or government or justice authorities.